High Heels Mentorship Membership Program
High Heels Mentorship Membership Program
High Heels Mentorship Membership

Welcome to High Heels Mentorship Membership Program

About Me

Welcome to the High Heel Mentorship, a community-led program designed to teach you the learning skills and strategies to learn how-to walk-in high heels correctly  through multiple high level coaching sessions, monthly webinars, done for you course planning and demonstrations.

The High Heel Mentorship program invites you to an all-access educational environment dedicated to improving your experience in high heels, helping women tap into game changing mindset work to boost confidence and a safe peer to peer community with women on a similar journey. Get exclusive access to resources, work with Crystal 1:1, and tools so you can learn and flourish at your own pace in high heels. Now is the best time to get started on your 2023 goals to learn how-to walk-in high heels!


  • 1 Monthly How to Walk Heels  Webinar.
  • 1  Month Q&A Pick My Brain Webinar.
  • 1 Live High Level coaching session 
  • Learn How to Walk in High Heels with me and Expert collaborators 
  • Learn How to Avoid Pain in High Heels
  • Learn How to Improve Posture/Gait control in High Heels
  • How to shop for the perfect Heel Style
  • Learn How to Gain Balance in High Heels
  • Breakdown of my Munroe Walk Workshop E-Books on How-to Walk-in Heels Correctly
  • Chances to have an one to one 30 Minute Consultation Phone Call 
  •  1 Monthly Planner and Guide for Your Next Steps Planning Custom to Your Goals
  • Access to Private Workshop Facebook Community
  • Advice & Support from Other Women on Similar Journeys 
  •  Daily Tips, Gems, Resources, Tools, and Apps to Help Your Flourish

This membership is designed to help you through your journey of  learning how to walk in heels without struggle.  You will receive lessons and resources to help you start healthy practices and create a comfortable high heel experience. I guide you through this new journey in a group setting. With my 9 years of experience in the footwear industry  and my day to day duties of running a shoe retail brand I'm sure you'll soak up the knowledge and tools for a successful experience in becoming that high heel girl!

Why You Should Join Me

The Mentorship Program gives you exclusive access to the knowledge, resources, actionable tips  and daily inspiration from your High Heel Coach.